Diamonds are my bestest friends

When You're Happy You Enjoy The Music, But When You're Sad You Understand The Lyrics


someone’s probably in love with you right now, even though you think you’re boring and stupid and smell bad most of the time, someone probably saw you last week and wiped their sweaty hands on the insides of their pockets and thought about your body under your clothing and about how you would look asleep in their bed

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if your boyfriend doesn’t worship your butt then he’s a lame and i’m very sorry you have to deal with that

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I love everyone in oitnb so much..

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Marilyn Monroe + JFK

they invented the mirror selfie


back to school supplies list

  • red lipstick
  • one pencil
  • vodka, probably
  • earbuds to block out your basic ass bitching

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The cast of Orange Is the New Black attend the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

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